General Information
Please give the number of another person who will be with you all day.
Bridal Party
If it's at a home whos home is it? (When decided where to have your hair and makeup done, It's always good to select a room with natural light)
Take into consideration that I will need to photograph the dress before you put it on and you having your hair and makeup done.
Grooms Party
Only applies to packages including 2 photographers
The Wedding
Please give an address if not already listed.
Please add as much detail as possible, this list will be printed and followed on the day. You can email me a copy if it's easier. christina@frankandfrida.com.au
List the VIP guests, for example, if you have kids what are their names? Or maybe you have Great Grandparents coming.
If you have a detailed timeline already, you can email it to me at christina@frankandfrida.com.au
i.e Sit-Down Dinner, cocktail, food trucks
As much as it is appreciated, Please don't allocate a seat at the wedding as we won't use it, but we do appreciate being fed as its a long day. Our photographers are Vegetarian.
Are you happy for us to share your wedding photos on Social Media.